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Round 1: Interview with Dave Hause from The Loved Ones.

Dave Hause, Lippstadt

Dave Hause, Lippstadt

„Don’t be nervous! It’s just a conversation.“ And I thought: „Yes, that’s true, Mr. Hause! But my problem is: It will be my first interview- in English!“ With Dave Hause from The Loved Ones! I mean..he is an amazing musician and his songs mean a lot to me! Especially „C’mon kid„. Last year I’ve seen 17 of his concerts and each one of them was full of emotions, fun, energy and goose bumps. He is a perfect entertainer- not only on stage. He really loves what he does. A talented person, who deserves all the best! In the last year he was like the Road Runner: faster than anyone else! There were lots of solo- and supportshows for The Gaslight Anthem, Laure Jane Grace or The Bouncing souls. Life on the fast lane.

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