„Here comes my man.“

Brian Fallon (Foto: Gisbert O. Freudenberger)

Brian Fallon (Foto: Gisbert O. Freudenberger)

Vielen Dank an unsere Gastautorin Jess & ihre hinreißenden Worte über Brian Fallon von The Gaslight Anthem: „Have you ever gone to a concert, amazing tired before it even started? Thinking in the car, on the way to the location – damn, I just wanna stay home and sleep? And have you ever then been standing in front of the stage, thinking: I wish this evening would never end? Well… I’ve got to say – exactly this has happened to me recently. Not everything in life goes as planned. But on evenings like these, you just forget all your sorrows, all the reasons you’re suffering for, all the things people have said to you. You’re just there – in the moment itself. Standing there, realizing that you can’t stop smiling, feeling a sense of pure happiness, without being able justifying it.

Such feelings can’t be described in words. And, I guess, you can’t even know or comprehend what I’m talking about, unless you’ve experienced such a moment.
I have to admit, that I didn’t expect this to happen on the above-mentioned evening. But it did.

But let’s start it all over – I first got in touch with that band in 2008, when a friend of mine said we should go and see that band. I, til then, never had heard of them, decided to listen to a couple of songs on youtube and – bought a ticket. Great decision. I remember that I, directly after the gig, bought my first album of them. Shortly after that, I bought another one. And a couple of months later, they played again in town – and eventhough I had no one to go with, I bought myself a ticket and went by myself. For me it was clear that I couldn’t miss that show.

However, that was 2009 – since then I haven’t seen The Gaslight Anthem anymore. I still listened to their stuff once in a while, I always adored Brian Fallon’s acoustic versions of their songs and I was actually really looking forward to see the guys again. But for some reason, the anticipation was suppressed by other feelings… but as soon as the band came on stage, I just forgot all the shit in my mind.
Do you know the feeling, where you wish, you could capture the moment and never let it go again? Well, that’s what this evening was to me. We had a great time.

However, Brian Fallon is one of the few, who, no matter about what he sings, no matter if you understand the lyrics or not, you will feel and comprehend them.
If you listen to a few of his acoustic versions of the songs, you’ll soon notice, that there’s no song that he’d sing twice the same way. Which means to me, that he just puts the emotions and feelings into the song, just the way he feels them in that one, special moment. I think this fact makes him very authentic and that’s what touches me and all of his fans, I guess. His honesty in his songs, even the songs he covers, best example, in my opinion, ’sowing season‘, originally of a band called ‚Brand new‘ – he just sings it as if it would be his own.“

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One response to “„Here comes my man.“”

  1. piracetam says :

    First time I saw them was a little unexpected.I bought tickets for Reading last year, not knowing they were there,I read about them in Kerrang in June of last year whilst doing ashift at…the co-op (yes, if it wasn;t for that shitty job I mightstill not know who they are )Anyway, at this point I was still unaware that they were playing Reading until I checked the line-up again 2 weeks before the festival only to spot a name I vaguely recognised on the Saturday lock-up stage…it was only TGA! So it got to the saturday, Random Hand and Hi-Fi Handgrenades went by and there they were, Brian Fallon front stage in only TGA’s 2nd ever UK gig. Incredible.Immediatly after I spent the majority of my remaining budget from the weekend on a Gaslight Anthem T-shirt at the merchendise stalls.That day I dragged all 6/7 of my mates with me to see them, they had no idea who they were and were surprised by them.3 of thise came back with me when they came to Bristol in february. After that Reading festival i’ve been addicted to them, saw them at the Astoria 2 ind december which meant getting up at 5am, travelling to London for 8, spending the entire day in London and going to the gig in the evening…did I care about the tonsilitis I was suffering, you bet I didn’t, great night.Then finally saw them for a 3rd time last month here in Bristol, met Brian after the gig and got the ticket signed.All in all some very good experiences.

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