„I think I wanted to be a doctor- a horse doctor.“

Dan & Chris (Foto: Tyler Andrews)

Dan & Chris (Foto: Tyler Andrews)

Wir haben wieder neues Material für unsere „Some words about…“- Reihe! Welchen Musiker wir heute für euch haben? Den wunderbaren Dan Smith von Listener! Sprechgesang. Unterlegt von mitreißenden Melodien. Emotionsgeballere auf hohem Niveau. Herzflimmern. Ellenlange Texte. Die Verausgabung auf der Bühne. Das Schreien. Als Zuhörer bleibt einem das Herz stehen. Und das für viele Minuten. Das hibbelige von Dan Smith, wenn er Zeile für Zeile runterrattert. Seine Hände, Finger- ständig in Bewegung. Sein kompletter Körper steht unter Strom. Und zwischendrin hat dieser Mann noch genügend Atemvolumen für die Trompete übrig. Wie macht er das nur? Welch Talent. In vielerlei Hinsicht. Nach meiner Anfrage kam die kurze Antwort: „That sounds fine to me.“zurück. Freudensprung auf meiner Seite. Die restlichen Antworten folgen…


The Homeless Gospel Choir:

Really great folk/punk stuff. That’s a generalization about genre. But he’s a great guy with some amazing thought provoking ideas in his songs.

Chris Nelson:

Good man, amazing musician and songwriter. He’s good at building things from websites and songs and albums to buildings and everything in between. He can do it all.

As Cities Burn:

They are a band that I really enjoyed listening to.


It is a huge state. A lot of people look at Las Vegas, but it has more to offer- like deserts.


It’s a state on the east coast. I’ve lived there a couple times. It gets hot, there are good people. It’s right on top of Florida.


It’s a genre that is surprisingly open. Most of the people that like it do so because of the words and meanings, and can put up with a lot of variation in how those words are delivered. I can respect that.


I don’t prefer playing outside, so if we play a fest and it’s in like a barn or something that’s the best. Otherwise they are awesome. We get to see friends.


They are good to have and think about. They are permanent.

The first show you ever played:

It was in a skating rink. I rapped near the DJ booth with beats on a cassette.

Your biggest mistake on stage:

I always dislike when I forget the words to songs, it happens sometimes.

The German crowd:

Usually quiet, but this tour they really came out of their shells.

Things, you can´t live without:

Water and food.

Your strengths:

Being nice.

Your weaknesses:

Being nice.

Being on tour:

It’s fun and amazing and always a new thing to do and see, and people to meet. And it can also get to where you miss your friends and family and that can be sad.

Your future plans, when you were a child:

I think I wanted to be a doctor- a horse doctor.

The biggest compliment for your music:

It changed someone’s life.

Last words:

Good luck and take chances.

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