„My whole life is a tour…“- Some words about…

…dieses mal mit Ian Fisher! Eher spontan ging es im Januar zu den beiden Konzerten hier in Hamburg (Ponybar & Hasenschaukel)- und ich habe es nicht bereut! Als Support hatte er Harmen Ridderbos (Town of Saints) dabei und es wurden unvergessliche Abende. Die Stimme von Ian Fisher ist etwas speziell und man muss sich mit dieser zunächst anfreunden. Aber wenn man das geschafft hat, dann kann man sich regelrecht fallen lassen: die Musik aufsaugen, ab und an ein leichtes „Hach!“ vor sich hinmurmeln & Ian mit großen leuchtenden Augen auf der Bühne bewundern. Deswegen freut es mich umso mehr, dass uns Herr Fisher einige Fragen beantwortet hat. Vielen Dank dafür!

Some words about…

Harmen Ridderbos:

I met Harmen in Berlin in the spring time. I was impressed by his music and the way he and Heta enflamed the audience of the Melodica Festival. We talked and seemed to get a long pretty well. Our paths crossed again in Berlin in the summer time. We talked more and decided we should do some shows together. We met in Hamburg in the winter time and toured through northern Germany and the Netherlands. We spent every waking hour together for about two weeks and are still friends. That’s a good sign that you can get a long with someone. He is a very professional musician, with talent and a funny Dutch sense of humor.

The Past/The Present/The Future:

In a nutshell, they are the three groups with which I preform my songs. They have different members, different instrumentations, and generally evoke different feelings. The selection of the names comes from my relationship to time and my thoughts on contemporary culture and music. This is a basic definition of each:

1. Ian Fisher & The Past – six-piece indie/country band.

2. Ian Fisher & The Present – folk/americana duo with Ryan Thomas Carpenter

3. Ian Fisher & The Future – experimental/folk collaboration with Simon Bauer


Junior is an indie/pop duo comprised of myself and the French/German producer/composer, Fabian Kalker. It is an outlet for both of us to funnel musical ideas that we can not express in other projects. We really enjoy minimal beats and retro equipment. It’s also very fun for me to write with Fabian, since he often composes the instrumentation and I am free to focus on the lyrics and vocal melodies. Those lyrics often deal with everyday life in a contemporary bourgeois bohemia.

„I will always love you“:

I was asked by my friends at the Austrian music agency, INK, to record a song for their compilation entitled “Death To The 90’s”. I thought about playing an American pop-country song from my youth, but decided instead to play an older country song that was popularized in the 90’s by someone who died several days after I picked which song I was going to play.

the last tour in Germany:

My whole life is a tour, so it’s hard to say which was the “last tour in Germany”.

the first show you ever played:

The first show I ever played was in Perryville, Missouri, on December 30th, 2001. I was 14 years old wearing an AC-DC baseball cap, playing a purple Stratocaster in the gymnasium of a highschool with my band Espionage. We played five songs. I think one Weezer song, one song by Greenday, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, and two songs that I had written.

your biggest mistake on stage:

Telling a religious joke on the day that the pope died.

the biggest compliment for your music:

That it gave someone goosebumps.

things, you can´t live without:

Traveling, music, water, sunlight, writing, reading, friends, etc…

Ian Fisher

your strengths:


your weaknesses:


being on tour:

That’s my life. Even when I stop for a few days in a place where I have an address, it still feels like touring.

last words:

Every last word I could think of sounded extremely pretentious, so we’ll end it here. Thanks for your interest in my music.



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