„I´m pretty good at scrabble…“

Herrje! Vor fast zwei Jahren haben wir diesen kleinen Blog ins Leben gerufen, weil wir irgendwann sagten: „Uns reicht es! Lass mal was eigenes aufziehen!“ Das haben wir dann auch sehr schnell umgesetzt. Gott sei Dank! Denn wir lyben es, wenn wir uns alles von der Seele schreiben können. Wenn wir euch unsere Lieblingsmusiker und Neuentdeckungen ans Herz legen können. Oder wenn wir uns neue Dinge einfallen lassen und euch damit regelrecht bombadieren. So zum Beispiel mit unserer „Some words about…“- Reihe. Für mich ist es noch immer unfassbar, dass sich bereits Musiker eingereiht haben, zu denen man regelrecht aufblickt. Die einen schon des öfteren den Arsch durch ihre Songs gerettet haben. Musiker, die sich einen Platz in unseren Herzen ergattert haben.

Wie aufgeregt ich war, als ich Dave Hause (The Loved Ones) nach dem Konzert in Köln ansprach und fragte, ob er nicht eben den kleinen Steckbrief ausfüllen wollen würde. Ohne lange zu überlegen schrieb er auch schon darauf los.

So nahm diese Idee ihren Lauf.

Kurz darauf folgte auch Joey Cape von Lagwagon. Tim Vantol. Greg Macpherson. Harmen Ridderbos. Und jetzt? Ja, jetzt haben wir auch noch Frank Turner mit an Bord! Wahnsinn! Für uns immer wieder unbegreiflich, dass sich solche „Größen“ auf uns einlassen. Für uns ist das nicht selbstverständlich. Ganz im Gegenteil!

Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Wir überlassen nun Frank Turner das Feld!

Some words about…

The Sleeping Souls

The Souls are my backing band, and some of my best friends. It took a while to get the right line-up together, and a while longer to find a name for the band that everyone liked, but now we’re all set and we’ve covered a lot of miles together. Right now they are absolutely integral to the music that I’m trying to make, they’re more than hired hands, they’re my brothers.

Dave Hause

I met Dave when I was on tour with Gaslight in the USA and he was playing with The Loved Ones. We became firm friends. He’s something of a maniac, very good at causing trouble if he puts his mind to it. But he’s a sweetheard, and a wise man.

The Band

The Band are, to me, arguably the greatest rock’n’roll band of all time. There was something incredible about that particular lineup of people, something magic, and they defined an awful lot of what became standard for rock and country music.

Chuck Ragan

Chuck is an old friend and touring buddy, we met when he invited me on a short leg of the first Revival tour in 2008. Since then we’ve done a lot of shows together. He’s a friend, a peer and an inspiration to me.

Brian Fallon

I spent most of 2009 on tour with Gaslight one way or another, around the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. Brian is a great guy and a great songwriter, and I owe him a couple of big favours I reckon.

the last tour in germany

I always love touring in Germany, the crowds there have been enthusiastic and friendly for me since the very first shows I did there (with Gaslight). The last time over we did some new places and some familiar old ones. I guess my favourite stop was Munich, it’s a crazy party town, a guaranteed good time.

the german crowd

German crowds hold their alcohol better than English ones do, and sometimes I think they speak better English too.

the first show you ever played

I suppose the first show I ever played was at my older sister’s birthday party when we were kids, but it wasn’t all that serious. The first proper show I played was in 1998, opening for Boy Sets Fire at the Red Eye in Islington, North London.

your biggest mistake on stage

I once accidentally punched myself in the balls in front of about 5,000 people at Download Festival. That sucked.

your futureplans, when you were a child

When I was very young I wanted to be stuff like a paleontologist and all that, but I wanted to be a traveling musician ever since I was about 10 years old.

the biggest compliment for your music

Foto: gregorynolan.com

John K. Samson (The Weakerthans) is one of my songwriting heros, and he complimented me on some of my songs when we first met, which kind of blew my mind.

things you can´t live without

My guitar, my laptop, an escape route.

your strengths

I’m pretty good at scrabble, and I know a fair bit of history trivia.

your weaknesses

I’m crap at sports, and I’m always leaving people behind.

being on tour

Tour has been my whole life for the past 8 years or so. It’s normality for me now. Though of course I still love it as much as I ever did. I never want to be any other way.

last words

Let’s go again.




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